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Owner and holder of this website is the company JKS Refrigeration S.r.l. based in Via G.B. Tiepolo, 2 - 35010 CADONEGHE Italy, identified and named below with the MED DOM trademark


Terms and conditions of use of the website
Anyone who accesses or uses this website accepts without restrictions to be bound by the conditions specified herein. Users who do not accept such terms and conditions or their binding character must not access or use this website, nor download any material from it.
MED DOM reserves the right to update or change these conditions and the methods of use of the website at any time, without any prior notice. If the conditions are changed, by accessing the website the user agrees to the new conditions.
Applicable standard
All contents published or present on the website, including their selection and organisation as well as the website’s layout and design, are protected by the privacy law (Legislative Decree 30/6/2003, no. 196), by the Copyright Law (Law 22/4/1941, no. 633, as amended by Leg. Dec. 29/12/1992 No. 518 concerning software copyright) and by the other national or international standards for the protection of intellectual and industrial property, as amended or updated in each case.
Ownership of the rights
This website is the sole property and ownership of MED DOM and the assignment of the internet domain name has been formally obtained, according to the methodologies and procedures in force at the time of the assignment request.
The rights to the Contents belong to MED DOM. Some Internet pages of this website may contain copyrighted materials of third parties. With their publication, MED DOM does not transmit any rights to any of the contents of the website.
Conditions for the use and reproduction by third parties of the materials published in the website
Permitted behaviour
Access to the website and its contents as a visitor is only permitted for the purposes allowed by MED DOM and highlighted on this website. The website and the data provided therein may be browsed exclusively for personal use (e.g. for personal information, research or study).
Forbidden behaviour
In any case, the user cannot use or let third parties use the website and the data contained therein for commercial purposes. Any use for commercial intent or benefit or economic exploitation by users is therefore always strictly prohibited.
The following are also in any case prohibited:

  • modifying the website or any of its contents or access mode;
  • performing any action that qualifies as felony according to the applicable laws (e.g. the so-called computer crimes, such as unlawful access to IT systems);
  • behaviour intended to divide parts or sections of this website and/or to incorporate them in other websites owned by third parties, to modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload from program, make public, transmit or distribute the Content in any way, in whole or in part, including codes and software without the prior consent of MED DOM in violation of these conditions;
  • attempts to access restricted areas of the website without an authorisation profile;
  • load software programs, files and other materials that may destroy or damage the IT systems, such as viruses, manipulated files, “hidden” files (e.g. images with integrated audio files), worms, Trojan horses or bots for scrolling, for opening multiple screens and for any other activity that may undermine the integrity, functionality and online communication capabilities of the website;
  • in general, to use the website in any way that may undermine, interrupt or limit the proper functioning of this website or of its services;
  • the unauthorised collection, from the website, of personal information regarding third parties (e.g. e-mail addresses).

Links with Other Websites
This website may contain links to other websites of third parties.
By connecting to other websites, you voluntarily leave the website and are directed to web pages of websites other than this website.
The users that freely decide to access any linked websites do so at their own risk. MED DOM is not responsible for the content of any websites accessible via “links” not under their control.
Without prejudice to agreements with interested third parties, MED DOM reserves the right to delete any link or linking program at any time.
MED DOM shall not be held liable for facts and/or damage that may arise to the user and/or third parties from the use of this website and/or its Content.
MED DOM shall not be held liable for any facts and/or damage caused by actions taken by it as a result of prohibited behaviour by the user or third parties.
MED DOM, despite its continuous efforts to improve the services provided, cannot absolutely guarantee that the Content of the Website is accurate or up to date.

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